8 thoughts on “SBS teaser

  1. OMG suki! youre life has seriously become a Korean Reality Show!!! this is so cool! let me know when and where this is playing again i will definitely watch it.

    oh yeah and on tuesday i will be locked in at GEPIK orientation wanting to shoot myself or other people.

    we need to hang out soon!

  2. ‘그것이 알고싶다’ will be airing Saturday. It’s not Friday. Please correct it for your supporters. I am one of your suppoter too.

  3. wow! a fan! OK. I will correct it! the days have been a real blur…thanks!

  4. Sorry about your missing the adoptee-made films at Koroot. GePIK orientation’s really not so bad. Just too little too late. I imagine with your orientation being for primary school it will be even more entertainment focused than mine was…

    I kind of miss the film crew already. Having a translator around and spending so much time with them, I felt like they really cared about me. Next week evening classes will begin again, and that will help.

    Anyway, you owe me dinner – when’re we gonna get together?

  5. suk if you blow up in korea i better be part of your entourage! you could give me a job like an “assistant”

    but seriously i have zero plans for this weekend other than watching your special. so lemme know what your weekend is looking like

  6. ooh! Let’s watch it together! it’ll be like having a live DVD commentary track.

  7. excellent!!! i didn’t know if you wanted to watch it alone or if you wanted to have a running commentary with an audience. but we should make a night of it! lenn is definitely interested too!

  8. How does pizza sound? You’re both welcome to spend the night if it’s too late…there are also bars in the area, but I’ve been too afraid to go into any of them by myself!

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