Be back on Monday night

Just a quick note before I leave for Andong for 2 days:

The SBS documentary has taken about 6 hours last Friday, 16 hours on Tuesday, and 9 hours last night.  So there’s lots and lots to talk about /share with you, but there’s the already planned trip to Andong today and tomorow, and then more filming with SBS Sunday afternoon, and then try and squeeze in a decent lesson to teach for the week.

I didn’t think my story was worthy of being followed so in depth because the information I have is so thin, but there was plenty of drama yesterday at Holt’s Post Adoption Services, so the viewing public will be sufficiently entertained, and I learned enough to feel like I’ve learned all there is to know, and yet also learned I am probably younger than I thought I was, and that girl 4709 is not a twin, but maybe still a sister?  Still debating that, but I think it’s a possibility.

Thank you everyone who reads (and the recent comments and suport have been much appreciated and I will respond soon)  I will reply and write more when the dust settles.

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