SBS to the rescue

Well, I must say that SBS has taken my case further than I’d imagined anyone here would!

Not only have they visited Wonju and talked to every possible official there, but they’ve also been to three local orphanages and are following up on some orphanage leads I gave them as well.

Despite not uncovering anything yet, they are taking me to Wonju on Wednesday.  They’re being so so cool and thorough about this.  I mean, REALLY investigating what little there is hard.

I don’t know what exactly about my case warrants this kind of attention, but I’m very grateful.  Maybe it’s the way Holt wasn’t forthcoming in information.  Maybe it’s the possibility of there being a twin.  Maybe it’s because I’m outspoken about adoption.  Maybe it’s all of the above.  Maybe they’re just really cool people who care about social justice.  I don’t know.  But whatever the outcome, I finally feel like someone has helped me as much as they possibly can.  That makes even a negative outsome seem okay.

2 thoughts on “SBS to the rescue

  1. Wow. That’s great. I knew the feeling that someone has helped me as much as they can. A year before goint to Korea myself, a professor of my university put me in contact to a professor of Pohang university in Korea to ask him to help me to search my family. He translated my story and gave it to a friend of his director who was a police in Pohang city. He did everything he could do to search my family: direct phone calls to every male having the names of my brother, adds on newspapers, in television, on internet… Then after a year of search, he was so disappointed he didn’t find anything. When the professor of Pohang called me, I was in peace because I knew they did as much as they could. I had no idea that few months later, an opportunity to search by myself within 6 weeks would be offered to me.

  2. That is great to hear: just about the time we’re ready to throw in the towel on humanity, somebody amazing comes through and actually cares.

    That is how I feel about the SBS producer as well. After yesterday’s search I, too, feel at peace knowing everything that could possibly be done has been done.

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