Not even close

So the results of the Coups d’etat – you know, the hostile take-over of my class to provide something, “more interesting.” was as follows:

  • 25 minutes of listening comprehension test.  Instructions given in Korean.  Super slowed-down audio samples of English being spoken in non-natural dialogs.  Random topics.  No cohesive lesson to be ascertained.
  • 20 minutes of the latest Batman movie.  Beginning with a chase scene which took about 7 minutes.  The sound turned down so low the English was barely audible, and with the Korean subtitles on.

There was zero lesson. Mr. Lee didn’t do any work except IF he created the test answer sheet.  Only about four words of English were spoken.  The boys behaved like angels because they were having a test, and then they of course got all excited because Batman was playing.  Never mind that even I couldn’t make out the English dialog because the sound was nearly turned off, and it didn’t matter to the kids because the Korean subtitles were providing all the information they needed.

Absolutely disgusting.  Mr. Lee is not a teacher in any sense of the word.  A babysitter maybe.  I fear he’s going to do this for every lesson.  Any ideas on what to do to rectify this situation gladly considered.

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