So, today’s lesson is “Alter Ego.”

I’m having the kids write about their alter ego, and explaining about it with the who what where why when how. Then getting into groups to vote on the best one to present to the class.

As an example, I chose underdog.

I AM an underdog and always have been.  I am both the weak and oppressed, and the superhero defender.  Especially today, as everyone is up in arms about my fight for justice.

  • the recruiters don’t want my lawsuit to go through, because of course they aided and abetted the school district by telling everyone oh-by-the-way, you won’t get full airfare reimbursement.
  • the vice principal, because he blocked my application for full reimbursement so he looks good to the school district.
  • my native teacher representative, D.B., because she is PAID by the school district
  • the school district, because they made an oversight while drafting their contracts, and their hopes to recover that opportunity to save a few bucks by stiffing a few of us out of reimbursement money did not go as smoothly as they wanted.  To honor my contract means they would have to pay back all those they stiffed, so of course they tried to employ whatever strong-arm tactics they could to make me forget and go away.
  • my fellow native English teachers, who can afford to eat this injustice and choose not to rock the boat.

I wish I were like them, but:

  1. it’s a bad precedent to set, allowing the school district to not fully honor contracts.
  2. it’s against all I’ve come to hold dear:  that being truth and honest dealings.

Well, the shit has hit the fan and we have to see where it falls.

I get so tired of being this tiny little defender of truth and justice.  I just want to sit under a cork tree and smell flowers.

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