going underground 2

As a correction to the first underground post, each car has only four doors.  The reason it took so long for me to get from car 10-4 to the Way OUT stairs at Pyeongchon was that they were located at 4-4.

So today’s experiment to get on 4-4 from Dongdaemmon in preparation for Pyeongchon worked like a dream, and I walked off the train at Pyeongchon directly in front of the stairs!  I’d kind of figured out what Mi Young had been talking about, but it didn’t crystalize until I’d seen the paving pattern…like big imaginary arrows or a lightbulb going off.

The other train lesson I’ve learned is that the two or three times I’ve surfaced to transfer, only to find myself facing turnstiles and having to pay to get out and then pay again to get back in was because (duh!) I had been using my directional logic on how to get to the opposing platform, but I hadn’t been following the direction SIGNS to their terminus.  So as another correction, of course you don’t have to ever pay to transfer, and when I did it was all because I surfaced too early.  So if you think you’re going towards the transfer and see turnstiles – turn around and look for the color of your line on the wall or more direction signs, because even though you can surface, it doesn’t mean that’s the designated transfer point.

Ahh,  I missed the Seoul Subway dance party this Saturday.  This is one of those things where everyone agrees to meet on the subway, and at a synchronized time, they all turn on their ipods and start dancing to their own music.  I was too busy crying on this blog, and then I wound up being just behind enough to probably miss meeting everybody. I hope they organize another one.  Only, I don’t know if I have the energy to dance all the way from the Express Bus Terminal station, all the way to the end of line 3.

The subways and I are going to have an interesting relationship, as pretty soon returning adoptees are going to have some shenanigans on them as well…

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