girls to the rescue

sort of…

It was my last evening class in the series, and eight of them showed up.  We did some lost in the desert scenario which sounded more interesting than it really was, followed by the board game again.  We had a nice time.  They restored (sort of) my faith in something.  (not sure what – probably being a girl)

But Korea is heartbreaking as well:

Q.  Tell us something you worry about:

A.  Test scores.

Q.  What are you going to do on your next vacation?

A.  Go on a diet and study.

Q.  Is there anybody you’re really afraid of?

A.  Math teacher.

Q.  Tell us something about your neighborhood.

A1.  It’s too dark when I get home, so I don’t know my neighborhood.

Q.  Tell us something about your neighborhood.

A2.  Well, actually the only neighborhood I know is around this school.  So I guess this is my neighborhood.

They all want me to have the class again, and to text them when the paperwork is finished so they can get in. The pay is low, it takes up any free time I have, and I’ve no life left for myself. But it’s the only thing that keeps school bearable.

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