Saturday afternoon in Insadong

So I’ll skip over more photos from the Folk Museum right now, because it’s a huge project.   But after the folk museum, I headed to near-by Insa dong, which is a yuppified revisiting of what a traditional street was supposed to be like.  But it’s nice, despite the obvious pandering to tourists, because it has become a magnet for antiques houses and some traditional crafts for sale.  Plus it’s always good to go to a street that’s been blocked off from car traffic…

So just to give an idea of Seoul, this Samsung building is kind of the anchor of Insadong.  This is the kind of crazy mix of sci-fi and centuries of tradition that co-exist here.  But the sci-fi wins…

Kids and cops were out in full force due to the holiday weekend.  And they were ready with riot gear, due to it being the anniversary of the American beef import riots.

Example of Insadong merchants – here’s a place with hand-made brushes that can come up to sizes as big as my (literally) head, along with manuscripts and gee, Chinese fans and lamps…

The feeling is lost in this photo, but here’s a modern boutique mall in Insadong, of a really nice accessible scale and open to a courtyard.

Seating in the courtyard – and yes, Sara, everything in Korea is cute!  Especially the little kids…

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