succumbing to the cuteness factor

Okay, so I’ve been doing a terrible job being human and staying out of my bed.

The end result is I fall asleep with all the lights on because they are all the way across the room.  So to save money on the utility bills, I decided I need a lamp.  Only all the lamps at E-mart look all high-tech and crazy, I don’t have the energy to shop all over Seoul for a beautiful lamp, and then I found a cute animal lamp!  For some reason I am stuck on chartreuse or spring green so was disappointed that the only thing left was an orange squirrel or a pink fox.  I tried to buy the floor model, but the salesman wouldn’t let me.

Anyway, I went back a few days later and they had restocked.

What’s awesome is you turn his head to the right, and his head becomes a nightlite

then you turn his head to the left, and his tail becomes a lamp

and his tail can raise or lower.

Ok, so this won’t go with my dream of living in a broke down hanok, but this little guy will brighten my life for the next couple of years.  It’s made in China, but seems to be made well, so hopefully it will last awhile.

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