Making an evening

IMG_0314, originally uploaded by Almost-Human.

So this is a photo of a nightclub in Idae. Idae is a neighborhood in Seoul which hosts three Universities and is also the location of some of the best clothing shopping. Because it is a university area, the clothing tends to be more relaxed and earthy or fun.

During the day one doesn’t notice a lot of the evening establishments, which seem to appear out of nowhere when the neon comes on. I hear nightclubs are run by the maffia, so maybe that’s why it also looks kind of like a casino? Men can drop in excess of $400 in one evening renting a table, purchasing some expensive imported drinks, and greasing the waiter’s palms so he will grab the most select girls for him. I was actually a little surprised to see this night club there, as they tend to be in the more affluent areas like Gangnam. The girls merely pay for a table, their fee is lower, and split amongst several girls it’s an affordable night out. So I guess the thinking is that if you’re a guy and you can afford it, you might be a good catch financially. OR you might be a loser who’s saved up for two months…Who knows what they’re thinking.

I have also read on the internet that some western men who have managed to get in have been horribly surprised by the final bill and been roughed up by maffia when they couldn’t pay afterward.

The neighboring area, Sinchon, also has more nightlife. Sinchon by day has a really great scale and feel to it: Artsy, small boutiques, colorful people. By night it turns into a mecca for clubs. Last Friday of the month they have a joint cover for some of them, though the ones that participate in that sound like a lot of techno & bad hip hop. There are also a few nice chill-out bars but they lose their ambiance once totally packed. Some live music bars as well: jazz and 80’s revival rock or imitation indie. Been out a few times w/ fellow English teachers, but have yet to see anything of artistic merit, and it’s hard to enjoy the company you’re with at these places.

I’m sure I can find some on my own somewhere, but I would have to go alone, since I don’t think anyone has any faith in the idea that I know how to have a good time. Which is all for the best since a lot of the best things happen when you’re looking for something else anyway.

What am I looking for? I guess the kind of people who make something out of nothing. I guess that kind of sums it all up.

Makes me want to go make something. Wish I had my sewing machine and tools here with me! Did get a cheap music stand today…
Might take a traditional Korean doll making class soon as I can afford it.

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