Dear Mr. Lee,

Stuck in a classroom all day with my male co-teacher, Mr. Lee, during mid-term exams, I finally decided to ask him directly (via note since we couldn’t talk) to do his job and at the very least come to one particular class regularly.

Mr. Lee,

Could you do me a favor and always make it to class 1-1?

The boys are lower level in that class, need more time w/the teacher, and are more of a discipline problem because of it.  I can not visit enough desks to hear them speaking English and it would be great if there were two teachers in 1-1.  Maybe together we can raise their level the same as the other classes.

1-1 is the class I really need a co-teacher!

Thank you,


Here was Mr. Lee’s response.  (which took him about twenty minutes to write, btw)

I’m sorry that you want to need co-teacher in 1-1 class

I will attend the class next time

They want to learn listening skill…or too quickly. (they don’t understand…

your voice is . . . . .  . . . . . . . .

Absolutely infuriating that I have to ASK this guy to SHOW UP to do his job at all, and then when I do, he tries to use it as an opportunity to blame and criticize.  At least I show up and make an effort to do my job.  What is he doing those 7 hours when he is supposed to be in class? Worthless old piece of shit.

If he shows up, I am going to say this:

Students, please WELCOME MR. LEE to our class. (he has never yet shown up in this particular classroom)

He will be our NEW Co-teacher and will be JOINING US FROM NOW ON.

I’ve a good mind to say that I will be speaking EXTRA SLOW and LOUD so Mr. Lee can understand me…

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