View from my Room

IMG_0277, originally uploaded by Almost-Human.

Too bad we can’t take a giant chain saw and cut the tops of all those buildings off.  The mountains behond are rpobably pretty beautiful…
Now, notice that big caribeener hanging from an eye-bolt on the wall?  (upper right hand corner)
I always wondered what that was for.  Today I opened the cabinets below for the first time (investigating if I can stuff a futon in there – can’t because of a middle support) and found something interesting:

Officetel fire escape
Officetel fire escape

So I guess all my worries about being hermetically sealed by that fire door/front door that sounds like a bank vault were unfounded.  Looks like the plan is we’re all supposed to rappel down the side of the building!
Gosh, I hope that rope is long enough – I’m on the 10th floor!

2 thoughts on “View from my Room

  1. I thought that too at first, only it didn’t make sense that there was only ONE eye bolt!

    You should look for the kit and make sure you have one!

    My place is also sprinklered, so that is also a little comforting. I should look for a fire box for my important papers, though, come to think of it…

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