Dinner Tonight

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So I made the fish stew again, but except for the kimchi, everything else came from the market.

Not pictured are pepper stuffed cucumbers, rice, and beansprouts w/ garlic, carrot, sesame seeds, and onion in a light vinagrette.  I could make this myself, but every time I buy beansprouts I let them go bad…

Pictured are candied peanuts and sunflower seeds, white kimchi, and my favorite rice addition.  I asked In Kyung what it was (I know about it because they serve it at school) and she said, “another kind of rice.”  Yeah.  This is typical of the kind of difficulty I have trying to learn about anything Korean.  There is sooooo much lost in translation.  I mean, the very identity of it is lost in translation.

I also had something similar to this salad at school.  I think they may have added some seafood of some kind, and maybe some carrot slivers. (I ws too lazy)  But I got REALLY EXCITED when I found these greens at the market.

These greens are the yummiest thing on the planet.

See how fat and succulent the leaves are?  Very moist and refreshing, with a slightly bitter dry flavor.  Fantastic with a vinagrette.  In Kyung told me at school when I’d asked that they are mountain greens, probably hand picked.  I got a whole bagful for 1,000 won.   There was also something that looked like wild asparagas.  I will try and get it next time.

Maybe the market won’t die afterall.  Most of the side dishes can be found at E-mart and Lotte, etc. but they cost more.  The deli kimchi wasn’t very good at E-mart and the kind I buy pre-packaged in a bag there is better.  But it’s still really expensive compared to at the market.  (I didn’t get any ’cause I’d just bought a bag)  There are things they can’t sell at the market anymore, because the big chains can purchase wholesale in bulk.  But the traditionally prepared items, the medicines and the cheap goods from China will always be needed by those who are thrifty or those who don’t have the means.  Hopefully there will still be mountain greens and someone who will pick them.

2 thoughts on “Dinner Tonight

  1. YuuuuUUUM. Did I already say that?

    You go girl. These are your dishes, this is your cuisine! Hope the lantern festival was fun too.


  2. Rachel! Yeah, I do love the food here.

    Found our from Willie that the “other kind of rice” is actually millet. It’s kind of sweet and dry and just a little of it totally changes the flavor of the rice.

    Lantern festival was cool – but was freezing to death (is it EVER going to warm up? Here it is the end of April, and it is bone chilling tonight) of course my camera batteries died, and my video camera is on some weird setting (hopefully that’s the only problem) where everything looks pink and high contrast…

    Got some paper lanterns though, and they brighten up the room. Will post later. Must write something for YTN now…

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