Cute Sleep Time

IMG_0264, originally uploaded by Almost-Human.

The pillows on the top (with the mouths) fit over your arm like a sleeve, while the pillows on the bottom are more conventional.

Although a few of the girl students have these pillows, most of my students just have white fiberfill square pillows that they write all over.  (and I imagine they’re more comfortable) Supposedly kids aren’t supposed to sleep in class, but the Korean teachers don’t seem to have any problem with allowing pillows in the classroom. (and they wonder why they have discipline problems – no mixed messages here…)

One thought on “Cute Sleep Time

  1. This just occurred to me: I bet these pillows contribute to all the acne that is so prevalent here! The classroom environment is really dirty in high school.

    Maybe I should let the kids know their dirty pillows are bad for their skin and they’d think twice about laying their heads on them.

    …Nah. Then they’d just come in with hello kitty pillow cases…

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