2 thoughts on “Better than bubble tea

  1. Haha. Funny, I also liked the grapes in it and I had same thoughts trying to get the last one.
    I liked every canned juices. I was surprised to find so many canned stuff and even more surprised they taste better than what we have in America.
    I wonder why they don’t export them. They are very expensive in Korean stores.

  2. This costs 600 won, which is about 40 cents.

    I also really like this one brand of orange juice in a can (which most places don’t carry) that is also really inexpensive, and it is 1/4 full of orange pulp: big, fleshy, fully hydrated orange pulp that is fun to smash in your mouth.

    Haven’t tried all the other canned drinks yet. I had a pineapple drink that was too sweetened. And I bought a hangover cure for 5,000 won that tasted and smelled awful – never again! (it smelled like raisins, rice, and ginseng – all combined with sugar syrup – just a guess, as I can’t read labels)

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