That would be me…

  • Try as I might, I just can’t remember to use the damned bathroom slippers.  Fuck it.  I mean, how important is that, anyway?  Now, I HAVE been in two public restrooms that provided bathroom slippers, and I was damned thankful for them.  These were at traditional restaurants where you sit on the floor.  Your shoes are already off, so if nature calls, then you must pad over to the bathroom in your socks and put on their slippers as you enter.  And there is a squat toilet, and the floor is damp with god knows what, so you are thanking God for the slippers.  But in your house???
  • I can’t freaking remember my Hangul.  It’s moronically simple, and yet I can’t remember it.
  • While I am pretty good about taking my shoes off when I enter the apartment, I am horrible about exiting the apartment.  There I am, at the door, having put on my shoes, and there, twenty feet away, is my purse.   Do I take off my shoes to fetch the purse?  Or do I sneak over there on tip-toe?  Does it really corrupt my floor to just walk over there?  Rinse.  Repeat.  I go through this dilemma about every other day.
  • I keep falling asleep earlier than I intend to and wake up with all the lights on.
  • I always miss answering the phone (wrong numbers in Korea are hillarious – I just keep talking to them  in English, and their reaction it’s funny how long they keep trying to get the person they intended to call.

One thought on “Incorrigible

  1. lol, i do the same thing with my shoes, as soon as i put them on i realize i forgot something…i just run really quickly and grab it. the 5 second rule applies with shoes too!

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