What’s My Line?

Somebody please tell me…

Sometimes I am a teacher, but for those classes of 40+ students?  I don’t know wtf you call what I or anyone else can do with that.

This week, I chose to play a version of “What’s My Line?” with the kids.  This was hugely successful with the teacher class, and so I modified it to work better with a large classroom.

But NOTHING WORKS with a large classroom, except maybe giving them lists of things to memorize for exams………….

The instant  game is mentioned, all propriety goes out the window.  These children are so plugged up that any release of any constraint causes near hysterics and pandemonium ensues.  Yes.  I manage it.  Yes.  I reign them in.  But then I am merely a referee.  After seven of these classes thus far, I have decided that the real solution is these kids can not play any games. It doesn’t matter how well you model it, (and after seven classes, you are expert at modeling it)  It doesn’t matter what incentives you offer, it doesn’t matter that it’s a pleasant alternative to the usual lesson, it doesn’t matter that it is fun to compete with each other.  It is a crack in the veneer through which all their built up tension can go.

I recognize the value in this.  I would love to facilitate in this.  But to manage something fomenting THAT BIG times 40 students is something I’ve not got the constitution to deal with.  I watch videos on teaching groups, and their classes are 1/3 rd the size.  There is no way to facilitate games in a manner where learning takes place when you must also control a three ring circus.

Only about six students participate in each classroom, and the amount and value of their English practice is questionable.  Two writing assignments and no voice later, I have decided – no more games in my classroom.

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