Perplexing things

  • One of the teachers, when asked if he would allow his daughter to marry for love, regardless of the economic status of her fiance, said yes.  Further conversation revealed he would be against an auto mechanic who made $75 an hour, but in favor of a teacher who made much less.  Engineer, doctor, lawyer, or teacher would be okay.  Auto mechanic who makes as much or more than some of them.  Not okay.  Social standing is everything in Korea.  But what about happiness?
  • Why Starbucks and many coffee shops do not open before 10 a.m.
  • Why the male teachers carry beating sticks and the female teachers do not – I’m beginning to think this is a phallic symbol thing which empowers them.  (Yesterday I left my office slightly before 10 pm, and there was a boy doing the downward dog position in the hallway.  He looked like he’d been there a long time, and then the gorgeous teacher walked to check up on him, scold him, and beat him.  I made a hasty retreat and regretted not having my camera…)
  • Why the myth of the size zero anorexic Korean girl, when the vast majority of Korean girls I’ve met and seen are healthy and average sized.

I always think of these things when I don’t have my lap top handy, so I’ll keep adding to this post and post a link whenever I do.

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