This is for Myung-Sook:

I haven’t gotten out and about much.  There’s not much street food where I live, and I had a mini traumatic experience at one place because I was doing something wrong, and they were yelling at me in Korean. I have gotten some yummy fried fishcake on a stick before, and gotten handed some of the warm broth that some of the skewered stuff floats in, but I haven’t tried anything on a plate yet, as I don’t want to get yelled at again.  I need more time to observe the correct protocol for this.

Anyway, I googled bundaegi and yes, it is silkworms, just like in Thailand.

Here is an image from the  Mary Eats blog I found for you:

Roasted bundaegi steet food
Roasted bundaegi steet food

Hmmm…the other Picassa photo wouldn’t show up – anyway, it was a close-up of silkworms in soup.

2 thoughts on “Bundaegi

  1. thank you.
    When I look at this picture, it still looks yummy to me. I just googled it myself, the photos taken more closely don’t seem yummy, I saw comments saying it doesn’t smell good but I still remember it’s apetizing smell.

    I wonder what’s on the left side. Is it bundaegi too? It looks to me like the tiny shells that I also liked, it was so tiny, you had to suck them to get what was inside and you could swallow them without chewing. I haven’t seen them during my trips.

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