School is Cancelled

Until the playoffs between Korea and Japan are finished, that is…

An earlier class asked me if they could watch the game, and incredulous, I said “Of COURSE not!”  Grumpy girls suffered through my lesson, and I had to hand out writing assignments to two groups of girls.  (at least it was a sentence written only 50 times instead of 100 or 150)

Yeah – the old maid teacher is really cracking the whip today…

Anyway, after lunch time I realized, as I watched all the teachers watching the game, and walked down the halls and saw that EVERY CLASSROOM was watching the game, that discipline today was going to be impossible.  Commenting on this I learned that none of the teachers were teaching.  Great.  Just great..I told Young-a this would never happen in America…

I seem to be saying that a lot lately.

So I walk into the classroom and forty expectant faces look at me, and I don’t even let them ask, but just say, “yeah, yeah, yeah.  You OWE ME.”   So for one glorious second, I am everyone’s favorite teacher.  That is, until next week…

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