Prayer and Benediction

So I just got off the phone, explaining to the PLUS loan lender that it takes 25 days for my Korean bank to clear an American check and that even though I get my first paycheck tomorrow, I still have to find a break in my work schedule to make it physically to the bank to fill out an overseas remittance form to my U.S. bank account and I don’t know how long that takes to process.  Could I get a shift in my payment date please?

Sure.  No shift allowed.  Only a one month forbearance.

42 minutes and 47 seconds later.

That equals 2,567 sconds.

At 18 won a second, that equals 46,206 won.

At approximately 1,500 won per $1, that equals $30.80

It’s 3 a.m. and I haven’t figured out tomorrow’s lesson plan to the teachers yet, which includes my boss…


Dear Lord,

Please let tomorrow work.  I pray.

May there be viable wireless internet signals everywhere.

May all the classrooms have working monitors.

May paychecks actually electronically be deposited in bank accounts.

May sleep-starved teachers wake with the dawn and get to school on time.

May sleep-starved Korean children get some rest.

May all orphans know their own names.

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