Strange Dayz

  • Went off about being told we would be reimbursed less for airfare on facebook and with my recruiter, who says they will look into it.  Emailed my co-teacher, who probably hasn’t read her email yet.
  • Taught the teachers (and vice principal) and they CLAPPED afterwards.
  • Met the classes I missed last week when I was at KBS – and I got a boy’s class that instead of being smart ass’s were actually participatory and funny.
  • Told the English teacher In-Young that I couldn’t come in on Saturdays for English Club because it wasn’t in my contract…I think she was surprised but took the contact thing as fact and told me she would let them know…
  • Returning from a lunch-time smoke, I got nabbed by the missionary (for real missionary) and two others for tea and conversation in the Chancellor(?)’s office.  They wanted to know about my search and to tell me they were praying for me.  They wanted to extend an invitation to a teacher’s bible study group.  They wanted to practice their English. I extended an invitation to start another teacher’s class if they couldn’t make it to the current one I am teaching.  Spoke about getting my own classroom and was told it would be better if I made friends first before I made requests…
  • Was told the vice principal insisted on having me get a phone come hell or high water (well, that’s not the words he used) today and was driven to Boemgye by In-Young to do that.  Took over an hour, In-Young translating the whole time.  (I am spelling her name wrong – It’ not Young, Eun possibly? – names are sooooo hard to get right here)
  • Was kind of scolded for leaving campus – and found out we have to sign out and GET PERMISSION first whenever we do that.  I’m supposed to show up ten minutes early to school and report to someone and I’m never supposed to leave campus.  I told them I felt like a student.  “It’s just the Korean way.  You’ll get used to it.”  Now I know why (I found out) some teachers go up to the roof to smoke.  But I’ve been advised that I should never go up to the roof…
  • I GOT A PHONE!  I had to call the vice principal, as my first call, to let him know that mission was accomplished.  No money down – same person who’d told me 50,000 down when I was by myself the other day…
  • Got my first junk mail personally addressed to me (how’d that happen?)  It’s really weird to see something all written in Korean hangul yet addressed in English.

Now, I have to spend several hours getting to learn about the phone.  I got the cheapest phone they have, and the cool violet colored one didn’t work, so I got a gunmetal one.  They were shocked that I didn’t really care what color I had or what features it had.  My plan is per usage because I know I’ll never use it much.  18 won per second speaking and 20 won per text.  So that’s about 70 cents per minute.  So it’s just for people to call me and for if I am lost somewhere.  With English speakers I will text.  Got to pick the last four numbers – but now that I’m at home, I don’t know what the first three local numbers are!

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