Neighbors and now extended family

Got an email from KBS to call them, which I did today.  Sounds like they’ve spoken with someone who says she’s my Aunt!  They are still investigating, and I haven’t heard any details, but will contact me again.

The teachers in my half of the teacher’s room took me out to dinner tonight.  It was really awesome.  We had sashimi and all kinds of great Korean food, and something I’m in love with – ar bop.  It’s like bi bim bop, only it’s made with rice, seaweed, and fish roe.  Along with the oiled and crunchy edges from being cooked in a crock, it’s this warm delicate bowl of lightly salted goodness….Mmmmm.  Anyway, it was really nice to see the teachers outside of school.  They humored me and played the name game so I could try and learn their names.  Of course I cracked under pressure when there were nine before me to remember, but I HAVE retained some of their names.  A few bottles of soju went around, but we called it quits fairly early.  That meant no noribang.  (yayy!)  One man, Soon Chim (sp?) paid for all 14 of us to eat.  In that small group, there is even a poet, a novelist, and a protesting political activist.  Everyone gave him a round of applause.  I can’t imagine one person taking on that kind of burden.  I couldn’t thank him enough.  Wonder when it will be my turn?

Must go to bed.  Tired but happy.

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