2 thoughts on “The Kitchen or operating room?

  1. In my first year in Canada, I knitted a little mask to wear in case I would catch a cold or flu. In Korea, we used to wear a mask in public places to not spread flu. In some schools where kids could have lunch together, kids who were serving others also wore those masks.
    Of course, I never wore it for two reasons: it didn’t take me long time to notice that nothing was same than in Korea, the best country for me at that time, and nobody was acting like Koreans, the best people of the world for me at that time; and it didn’t take them long time to assimilate me completely and I began to think that it was laughable to wear a surgeon mask.

  2. Oh THAT’s why they wear those things!

    In Thailand, people wore them to combat the awful 2-stroke engine pollution – but there doesn’t seem to be much pollution in Korea, so I couldn’t figure it out. I especially couldn’t figure out why some of the beautiful girls here would cover their features up like that. But it kind of makes sense about keeping the mucus membrane droplet-borne contagion from spreading. (although there is a lot of coughing without covering one’s mouth it seems here)

    People still wear them here. I see them occasionally. They even sell them in pint-sized form for children, with little cute characters printed on them.

    Myung-sook – you have so many impressions of life before and after adoption. It really moves me. I wonder if I had the same impressions, just too faint to hold onto. Thank you for sharing them with me…

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