KBS acting fast

So I get home and have three emails – one from G.O.A.L., one from KBS tv station, and one from my volunteer translator, Jae Hee.  Turns out they want me on air Friday.

The phone I borrowed isn’t working, so I haven’t had the additional hour long interview they wanted with me.  They want me to call asap.  Maybe between classes tomorrow.  I have to try and get off of work two hours early so I can return my bad phone before G.O.A.L.’s offices close.

Then, I hope they will speak with my school about Friday if time off is needed.  The school was aware of this possibility – I just don’t know what the hours of filming will be as yet.

I do want to talk with KBS and G.O.A.L.,  and maybe even the friendly teacher, as I am still unsure as to whether or not revealing my abuse would hurt my odds of being reunited with my family. But the odds are it won’t matter anyway, because my case is so old and there is so little information.

I got a fabulous shirt in Thailand for next to nothing and it will be great to wear – only it is sleeveless and it is winter.  Trying my damnedest to figure out what to do about that, since none of my wraps look good with it.  Soooo weird, worrying about what to wear on a show that hopes you will cry, which I probably will…

One thought on “KBS acting fast

  1. Don’t forget to bring some tissue because you can’t predict what will be your reaction.
    In my case, when my sisters called, I couldn’t believe they were my sisters, so I was only incredulous but the day I met my sister,I began to cry (and I was sure that I wouldn’t cry!). I realized that I forgot to bring some tissue with me just when I needed to blow my nose. That was embarassing, moreover, I was very shy in front of the cameras, knowing that millions of people were looking at me, so I was doubly embarassed.

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