Surreal Things

-I found out today I teach at a co-ed school, but all the classes are taught segregated…

-Three chimes and a voice from on high which starts talking…

Big brother is not watching (I don’t think) but he IS talking to me!  Maybe that’s the flip side to the benefits of living in a high tech machine – unsolicited announcements from the building manager, in a language you don’t understand.

I hope to hell it wasn’t about the fire escape plan…though every room is sprinklered, I’m still worried…

-Flipping through the channels the other day, I caught the tail end of…drumroll please…PROJECT RUNWAY KOREA!!!

I hope I can catch it again at the right time and the right channel!  I’d ask someone for a tv guide, only I wouldn’t be able to read it.  Damn, it’s like being two years old in an almost 45 year old body!

-Flipping through the channels the other day, I caught a news report showing closed circuit t.v of women alone getting acosted.  And HOLY CRAP – there’s a psycho leg slasher on the loose!  He gets his jollies by running up behind lone women and just swiping at their legs with a box cutter!  I am NEVER walking alone in Seoul!

No.  wait.  I’m single and I have to always walk alone.  Crap.  Okay.  I only walk in crowds.  I can do that…

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