Adoption can ruin the best days

Stupid Holt adoption agency sent a registered letter today, telling me that my hostility was not productive.  Never mind that I was totally happy with Holt prior to my dealing with them, and that I was not hostile until AFTER their attempts to keep me from my paperwork and then making promises and not following through with them.

I believe this is the beginning of them preparing a libel case against me and an implicit warning to cease and desist.  I don’t know – I think sueing an adoptee who was abused wouldn’t be a very good public relations move on their part…I’ve only told the truth publicly, so this maneuver doesn’t frighten me – but it IS a drag and it ruined my day.

In another couple of weeks I’ll do the t.v. show and then put this search for the beginning of my story to rest.  But I have to at least try, even if it means the world’s biggest adoption agency is afraid my story will make them look bad.  The question is – why were they not forthright from the beginning?  They are totally acting like guilty children.

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